Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Meanderings

The weather here sure doesn't speak of's more like beach we decided to Christmasy it up in the house with baking and cooking. I got this fab receipe from Pioneer Woman ...Cobbler...I had frozen cherries in the freezer so...hey ...Cherry Cobbler was the dish...and let me say...WOW ...delish!


I don't know if I have mentioned before "J" has special needs, so we pureed her Cobbler and she loved it!

Yum...Pureed Cobbler with milk!

Of course being the mother that I am...We had our main meal first..."M" refused to eat anything but Applesauce? I don't know ...but I believe the twos attitude has arrived..."J" loved her purred dinner!

Pureed mashed potatoes, onions, and beef!

Tonight relaxing with the hubbs! I hope where ever your are ...the Christmas spirit finds you...Good Night!

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