Thursday, December 15, 2011

Potty Secrets

My lovely soon to be two year old (Feb.) refuses to cooperate with the potty. I read the pamplet on "Is your child ready to potty train"...I believe I'm ready ...however my "M" has different ideas about what constitues ready. This morning as I'm sitting eating breakfast...I look over at "M" who is obviously "shoo shooing" can tell by the animated grunts and her all to telling facial expressions...I ask do you need to potty...answer UH UH..this means no...apparantly not since I could sniff the air for the already completed I have this lovely unused potty just sitting waiting for "M" to come calling.  I just can't believe using a potty is some how worse than walking around with soiled pants? Should I be concerned?

Poor Lonely unused unwanted potty:(

Pointers on potty training needed...Help needed!

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