Friday, December 30, 2011


So day. Today has been a quiet day, meaning a good day. Quietness is sorely underrated in our modern world...I appreciate technology, but I do so love to hear the birds singing and watching the squirrels therapy!

 So the agenda at the Hassouneh house > changes!!! and I mean CHANGES!!! Changes to help alleviate some tedious frustrations. (Please any help where this is concerned no matter how tedious is appreciated) Schedules, organization, and simplicity really are this moms best friend. I'm a true believer in schedules, organization, and minimal!!! Why oh why would you want so many items to clean?  Not me...No hoarding allowed here...go a few houses over, please. But the BIGGEST change...are you ready...LESS TV. One of the first things I did in the am, was turn on the BOOB tube...yes I said BOOB was on all day I mean ALL DAY! I don't know how ...but it sucks you in...your memorised into the land of nothingness. While, I will admit that there are times, this is necessary...12 plus hours though...extreme...please don't misunderstand I did mange to do other things ...but the TV was always there...lurking in the background...calling my name...come...come....waste away in my vortex of craziness, your own house obviously isn't crazy enough....come. So now I've been successful this week in not turning the TV on until 6:30pm or 7pm...What do think? will it last? Yes I say YES! We can do this...we really aren't couch potatoes in this family...(in a small voice) are we? No!

So today we watched the squirrels for real, not on telly. We colored, crafted, and assembled our tax deductions for 2011..."J" and "M" was so excited about the taxes:) and ate...that is another issue for another day!

Adorable right?

Fridays are Pizza Days!!!!

Humor for the day.."M" tried to feed herself with "J"s gtube extension...she tried so hard to "plug this into her belly"

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