Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Typical Wednesday

So with "J" back in school...our mornings start early. Some days I love the fresh crisp morning air and other days I just want to lay about in bed snuggled in my blankets...especially right now with temperatures at 19F in the am. The rest of the day is filled with business, cleaning, cooking, and school runs. I try to squeak out some me time...but that doesn't happen very 7:30pm I'm ready for bed...does that mean I'm old?

Lately I have been a little stressed soon to be 2 year old...doesn't listen at all. And "J" ( my SNC...AKA Special Needs Child) has started hitting???? I don't know why...maybe she is frustrated because at almost 4 years old ...she can't talk...she just started walking this year...and "M" imitates "J" alot these days...which can become tiresome...however we will work our way through these tough times...please God give me patience...

I'm looking forward to Saturday...this will be some me time...(first in oh I don't know ...4 years) I'm going to take a crochet class...let me tell you how excited I am...there are some really great blogs about crocheting...talented ladies I want to give it a go...wish me luck.

Here are a couple of pics of our day...I hope you enjoy...after taking"J" to school and "M" started the day with a walk...

"M"'s treasures from our walk.

Dinner...there is a baked potatoe hiding under the foil:)


Current reads for "J" and "M"

My current read


"J"s craft from school...I love it:)

MY "J"

Goodnight and sleep your dreams be filled with sweets:)

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