Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Strolling Mates

So what have we been up too? Strolling...the weather here has been fantastic. We have really been soaking up some Vitamin D:) Yesterday "M" and I strolled to the park for some sun...("J" was at school) she loves playing about on the slides...when it was time to leave...OMG she proceeded to lay down on the ground and cry/ scream...let me say, horrified I was...but I sat down and waited for her to finish "expressing" the hopes she would be able to collect herself, in time for us to pick up "J"...have I mentioned she is "almost" two...

Today is drizzly here, so we are going to relax. I love rainy days, I feel justifiable in laying about...truly I have been feeling quite poorly today...sniff, cough, blow...tis the order of my day:)

Ta Ta for Now!

"J"s purred Spaghetti



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