Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V Day!

I hope everyone is/ or had a wonderful Valentines Day...the day of love....romance....I believe my husband must have skipped this lesson...he has had to work late and we are having Fish and chips for dinner...not exactly romantic, right? To be honest, I believe my husband and I are completely on overload...with the move, business, and not knowing what will come next year for "J". She is only four and I can see that its going to be a interesting journey with the schools. I want to make everything perfect...you know like in "Leave it to Beaver"...or "Ozzy and Harriet" the shows are before my time, but they are so lovely...life seems so out of control now...I long for peace and quiet...a simple life...I'm not sure why this eludes me...I no I haven't always made the right or best decisions...but despite all my childhood dysfunctions...I do so try...did you know that approx. 90% of marriages involving special needs children, end in divorce, in the USA...Jasmine's case manager for school shared this bit of info...when I look at this number...WOW inspite of everything, my husband and I are holding on...some days aren't as good as others, but I figure this to be true with all marriages...and hey we have alot of extra stress. Please understand I don't mean "J" is extra stress...we want to take good care of her and provide for her...plan for her future...we worry about when we aren't here...I try to take one day at a time, but I don't know how. How does one walk in faith? What if you are making the wrong decisions, by faith? Not meaning to...you just don't know what to do....How do you walk by faith? What do you do about the decisions you have to make?

Some words of advice needed...guidance wanted...

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  1. You are wiser than I am, and I don't have advice, but wanted to let you know your honesty and struggle touched my heart. And it seems to me you are very much walking in faith and doing a wonderful job, even when you don't feel you are. I love that poem, "welcome to Holland" and know it well! One day and one moment at a time in your "Holland" will lead you in the right direction, I'm sure!
    Blessings to you and your family,